Label Printer Distribution

Label Printer Distribution

Karley is specialized in printing technology since years. Many people around the world know us as specialists for special software on CD/DVD robotic systems, like the Webinterface for primera disc publishing systems, that won the innovation price for storage at the famous exhibition cebit 2008.

We know from the ground how to handle and configure printers and if that is not the solution we build you custom software for your needs.

Becaus this is only possible with a wide knowledge on the systems, we work strongly together with the manufacturers of the hardware to get the information. This is an advantage, that we can bring directly to you – our customers.

Some of our important printer partners are:


Primera Europe

  • Worlds (in Nos leading) manufacturer of CD/DVD robotic systems
  • Have a wide range of color label Printers
  • Deliver a good integration help

The famous Label Printers are:

  • Primera LX400e – one color cardridge for small quantities
  • Primera LX810e – color + black ink cardridge – prints up to 20,7cm width
  • Primera LX900e – 4 color cardridges – very fast and super photo quality prints on paper, polyester, bopp etc.
  • Primera CX1000e – Laser base label printer for pre-cut labels with a photo quality for industrial use with pre cut labels
  • Primera CX1200e – Laser base label printer for pre-cut labels with a photo quality for industrial use for use with non pre cut labels
  • Primera FX1200e – Cutter and Matrix removal system for cutting the funniest shapes and unlimited label ideas

We also write Software for their robotic systems, that is sold all over the world. You can find a list of that software at:

The actual models can be found in your shop at


VIPCOLOR Technologies

Technology company, that presents the famous VP485e and VP495e Label Printers. VIPColor develops and markets color label printing solutions that provide companies the versatility to generate in house custom labels. VIP systems enable sales growth in small to medium enterprises as well as addressing inventory and cost reduction.

VP495 without label

There are some big advantages in the VIPColor Printers, that we like to tell you:

VipColor VP485e printers come with an extra up- and rewindert. So it is not built in the printer and you can use bigger rolls up to 8″ outer diameter. They have extra large ink cardridges, so that you can print this length without changing the ink cardridge. Compared to other printers it does not serve that very good printing quality, but the custs are much lower. Depending on your demand, you shold take a closer look at that printers. The second big advantage is the availability of a network version. That version had double memory, so that you can even print very large labels and do this from any workstation in your network. For industrial application you can put this printer right into the production plant and send the orders from any system in your network. There is a  pass-through mode available, that has the advantage, that you even don’t need to use the VIP printer driver – but can use a standard HP printer driver. The VIPColor VP485e and VP495e printers are based on the HP Printing technology. The VP495e is even very important: It works with pigmented inks. Pigmented inks are very UV resitable. So you can use that labels even outside for a long timer, what is not possible with water based inks.


VIPColor VP495e

VIPColor VP485e


Colordyne Technologies

Colordyne imprements the Memjet technology into their printers, so that they have some of the fastest printers in their class with a very low printing price.


Printing in color is now affordable with Colordyne’s continuous color digital printer. The CDT-1600 C (available in roll or fan fold) is a high speed label and tag printer with throughput speeds up to 12 inches/second. Colordyne printers are powered by Memjet technologies and print lightning fast. With fast print speed and high resolution capabilities, the CDT-1600C is the fastest color digital label printer in its class. Eliminate your label inventories with the ability to print on-demand with the Colordyne CDT-1600 C. The CDT-1600 C redefines color printing with print quality up to 1600 x 1600 dpi. Capable of printing 2” to 8.5” wide, the CDT- 1600 C meets industrial label demands. The CDT-1600 C is designed for in-house label production and private labeling. This continuous printer meets industrial label printing demands and is powered by Memjet technology.

Join the revolution in affordable color digital printing. Colordyne Technologies is backed by over 3,000 patents and growing. With Memjet technology, suddenly all other color printers are painfully slow. Call our team to schedule a demonstration!

You can find english Information on the manufacturers Webpage – for german spoken customers please take a look at


Colordyne’s CDT-1600 S is a Sheet Fed full color printer that is powered by Memjet technology. This cost effective digital print solution is capable of printing full variable color for the same cost of monochrome color. With endless possibilities, the 1600 S brings throughput speeds of 12 inches/second and is ideal for forms, labels, tags, and envelopes. With 6 inches per second, the printhead is in the highest quality mode of 1600×1600 dpi. At 12 inches per second, the printhead produces 1600×800 dpi. Manage your label costs by printing in-house. Printing full digital color from 3″ to 8.5″ wide, Colordyne Technologies is your solutions partner for color printing.


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