About Karley

Karley Deutschland GmbH was founded 2006 by Karsten Ley, who worked in the same team for many years.

Since this time the company grew and had several stages:

  • 2008 Karley won the innovation price at Cebit for it’s RoboWeb Interface
  • 2009 we became Primera Integrator and Distrubutor
  • 2010 we established a Partnership with TEAC for robotic systems
  • 2013 Karley was the first to show VIP Memjet printers in Germany
  • 2016 we have 13 employees and a turnaround of 1,87 million EUR

Main Business

  • Integration of Color Label Printers
  • POS Systems
  • RFID Systems with customizing as solution partner
  • Programing and integrating hardware by own development department

Additional Service and installations are our USP- Value Added Distribution is our business.

Please follow the link to our corporate Video, and you will see in what Business’s Karley is in. It’s quite short and will give you a good overview on our business area’s. As all this business goes quite deep, we liked to make a short video and putted it just into headlines for your ! If you want some more information, please get in contact with us!

What is Karley doing?

  • Karley is a programming company
    For many years we are programing custom software for CD/DVD robotic systems and cash registers. You can find some of our software atwww.dvd-roboter.com. New is our Software for Label printing and RFID Systems. Because it is in main parts a custom software, please ask if you have any problems with some hardware that we sell and you need a custom solution. Within Germany we do also develop a number of big internet shops. Starting from one man companies up to 50 people that work with that shop – we have the experience for years.
  • Karley is a distribution company
    As there were not alle products available that our customer needed in projects, we decided to import some products. This department has grown, so that we are now distributor for some important manufacturers and sell this products to local dealers.
  • Karley is a service company
    For many years, we do service in our local area. This services contain simple computer and networks services, but are not extended to a 2nd Level support even for our distribution products. At least one technician is trained on a special disctribution product, like the VIP VP485e printers or the CDT-1600-C printers and can in that way support our clients and resellers, that often have not this special knowledge.

POS Systems

Karley has been a business technology solution provider for many years, serving a wide spectrum of retail, fine dining restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and quick service restaurants.  Our technicians have have over 25 years of impeccable track record with a long list of satisfied and loyal customers to prove it.

It is our vision to provide a wide complement of high quality, on-call services to our clients. We customize our services for the individual business, which will help minimize downtime and lower total costs.

We estblished long term relationships with hardware manufacturers and if we cannot provide an own solution – we have partners for that. So there is no POS, that we cannot provide and we have even very big customers with more than 200shops all around europe.

With point is just to inform you, what karley is doing – but to be honest: All customers for this are with their headquater within germany and we don’t want to change  a think with that. If you are located outside of germany, we would like to encourage you to find a good supplier within your country. There are some specials things about taxes and outher things, that cannot be provided outside of your country.

If you are a hardware supplier with some interesting products and read this information, please contact us with your catalog + prices and we will take a look, if your portfolio could help us to provide better solutions to our customers.

RFID Systems

For more than 5 years we have been working with RFID – a technology that’s already being utilized in a wide variety of ways and will play an increasingly important role in the future.  We offer a full range of products in the 125kHz, 13.56MHz and UHF ranges to give you the maximum choice for all applications. You can profit directly from our competence in and knowledge of everything concerning RFID. That’s why we’re glad that you’ve found the way to our website!

From the warehouse and loading dock to indoor customer-facing and carpeted environments, our fixed, mobile and handheld RFID readers help you achieve visibility into your enterprise assets. You can choose between a variety of mobile readers and pc based ones. We can even provide readers for Apple’s iphone. In combination with fixed readers, efficient antennas deliver high-throughput, high capacity communication, enabling you to capture, move and manage critical information to and from every point of business activity.

  •     RFID Distribution and Warehouse Solutions
  •     RFID Retail Solutions
  •     RFID Manufacturing Solutions
  •     RFID Asset Management Solutions
  •     RFID Government Solutions
  •     RFID Transportation Solutions
  •     RFID for Energy and Utilities
  •     RFID Solutions for Healthcare


Our RFID solutions support a broad range of RFID tags and labels, which are provided through our RFID partners. Take a look at our line up and you will see many different tags for many different solutions:

What we do in most cases ist to do the whole introduction of an process at our customer. Starting with the consulting services and ending up in software programming and teaching. If you have a demand on that, please contact us.