CD DVD and Blu Ray printer and robotic systems

CD DVD and Blu Ray printer and robotic systems


Our CEO sells CD/DVD robotic systems since 1998 – so he is a really well know guy in this business and has many experiance in configuring and programming all kind of different robotic systems.

We have done more than a dozen big installation with redundant robotic systems and have today more than 200 Versions of your different software sold.  Our prized RoboWeb – Webinterface for primera cd/dvd robotic systems has more than 1300 downloads this days.

We do mainly work with Primera Europe and TEAC CD/DVD robotic systems, but dealed with Rimage, LSK, ADR and Acronova too and made solutions.

All the systems that we sell these days can be found at:


Accessories for your media production

If we are talking on media production with robotic systems, we shouldn’t forget the media itselfs and the packaging.
Good packaging makes your customers curious, or helps to save costs.

Karley has a lot of accessories, forever ready on stock:

Media is not like Media

As we are offering a reading service to our customers too, we have the proove for good media. And as we always thought – 10-15 years ago: There are good manufacturers and crap. One manufacturer, that we can recommend for years is taiyo yuden. There media protects the data over years very good – and even better than the most media that we got to read it back.

For CD, DVD or Blu-Ray duplication we recommend the Taiyo Yuden (JVC) Watershield media. It makes the best out of your print on CDs. The surface is shiny and the colors are bright. Data data is protected very well and will last for a long time.
Waterproof Material – High Quality Made in Japan

Taiyo Yuden CD-R 700MB White Inkjet printable by full surface (FS) glossy surface and water-resistant 50 media come in a Cake Box.
What’s so special about this blank media?
This is a water resistant and therefore must not be fixed after printing. He also has a new glossy finish with silver in which the colors are strong and your medium alone attracts attention by the splendor!

This media is not only availabe for CDs, but for DVDs and new for Blu-Ray-Discs.



Long time Archiving

For long time Archiving – CDs were never better. We prooved that while reading back many CDs for customer, that wanted to restore their CD archives to a “newer” HDD Online Backup System. We made an article on that on our site: Please us a translate program to geht the information in englisch.

Nowadays we have even better ways to archive Data. The HDD is very quick and the data is in most systems available at once, but there are some disadvantages:

  1. The media ist not disconnected from the drive – is the drive defect, i will take a long time to restore the data. There is no real ISO standard for the inner disc within a harddisc. Will the data be restoreable in the future? CDs are standarized.
  2. Harddisc back systems need electricity. This costs money – and the prices are increasing. CDs simply don’t need energy.
  3. Today’s connection for a harddisc system is the SATA-3 bus. 20years ago it was the MF-II bus. Are you able to read this bus today any more? CDs are still common and even Blu-ray drives can easily read CD Data
  4. If a harddisc backup systems is on power and you put some water on it – there will be a damage and your data maybe lost. You can put a CD into water at any time.
  5. Most harddisc systems don’t have a copy protection. A virus could distroy your valued data! A CD is read only.

We could extend that on and on – but would like to do it in a privat meeting, if you have needs like that. Let us just state:

There is an ISO for Archiving and prooving data con CDs and there are special drives on the markte that are aligned on special media for long time archiving: and Karley can build you a solution on it!